Anton Striegl
2022  World History: Modern

AP World History: MODERN is a highly engaging global World History course covering from 1200 to the Present.  Much is NEW about conceptualizing, organizing, and teaching the new MODERN version of AP World History.
This institute will provide teachers with the foundational and philosophical underpinnings of the AP World History: Modern course. Learning these core ideas and beliefs, will allow teachers to design and revise instruction for the long-term benefit of their students. This seemingly massive course will become much more manageable with this foundational knowledge.

Significant attention will be spent on unit design and planning, with a focus on skills. Time will be spent on each era, highlighting important topics of study to ensure that our courses are truly global. This session will cover strategies for teaching both chronologically and thematically. Teachers will come away with key lesson and unit planning ideas to guide students to success.

Preparing teachers and students for the AP Exam is an important aspect of this institute. Teachers will get hands-on practice with all parts of the AP World History Exam. Much attention will be given to what students need to know in order to be successful. Teachers will gain great insight on how exam elements are scored. This knowledge will help teachers better teach historical thinking and writing in their classrooms.

This session is designed to serve both teachers who are new to AP World and those who are experienced.  
Day 1: Understanding the course and Focus on Multiple Choice

Day 2: Focus on the Short-Answer Question and teaching with documents

Day 3: Focus on the DBQ

Day 4: Focus on the LEQ
Anton is passionate about teaching historical thinking and World History. He started his career in 1997 teaching AP U.S. and AP European history. Anton started teaching AP World History in its inaugural year, 2000-2001, and currently teaches both AP World and AP U.S. History at Orange County School of the Arts, in Santa Ana, California. Anton Striegl has been deeply involved in the AP World History community since 2001.  Anton brings insight to his workshops from a wide variety of leadership experiences he has participated in, including being an Exam Leader, Question Leader, and Table Leader over the past 20 years.  He has also participated in unique projects such as the standard setting, the pilot grading of the new exam in 2015/16, and a calibration meeting between all the history groups (World, Euro, and U.S.) to transition to the common rubrics.  Anton has been a College Board Consultant since 2000 and has also taught credential classes at California State University Long Beach since 2002.