Bryan Passwater
Bryan Passwater taught AP Calculus AB and BC at Lebanon High School (Indiana) for 7 years before joining the AP-TIP IN program at the University of Notre Dame in 2012.  Acting as the Director of Mathematics and CS for the AP-TIP IN program, Bryan trained, mentored and supported over 1000 AP calculus teachers around the country. Bryan has led dozens of 1-day, 2-day and weeklong AP workshops from San Francisco to New York City and has been an AP reader since 2013.  He is passionate about teaching AP calculus and is highly motivated to provide great trainings, support, resources and encouragement to AP Calculus teachers everywhere.  In 2017, Bryan decided to go back to the classroom full time and currently teaches AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, and pre-calculus in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Bryan was a member of College Board’s AP Calculus Instructional Design Committee committed to providing the support that AP Calculus teachers need to build and grow a successful AP Calculus classroom. Additionally, he has helped develop the AP Calculus curriculum for the KIPP foundation schools across the country and written AP Calculus resources for Propel, Applied Practice, the College Board and The National Math and Science Initiative.  Recently, Bryan has been a question writer for the AP Calculus exams (MC) through ETS and just finished 8 weeks of AP Calculus Live lessons through the CB on YouTube for the 2020 AP Calculus exams.  Bryan lives in Carmel, IN with his wife Mary, an elementary school teacher, their two children, Adeline (17) and Aydin (15), and too many pets that his wife and children sneak into the house.
Calculus AB Agenda
July 25-28, 2022