PHYSICS C (Mechanics and E&M combined) 

AP® PHYSICS C - 2022
Course Description:
Participants will explore and/or deepen their understanding of the AP Physics C: Mechanics and AP Physics C Electricity & Magnetism courses. Teachers will learn content, both Physics and mathematical required for success on the exams. Additionally, teachers will become familiar with the course and exam description, AP policies, and the online resources that are available through the College Board’s websites.
Course Objectives:
Teachers will be able to comfortably and successfully teach AP Physics C: Mechanics and AP Physic C Electricity & Magnetism. Included in this will be an increased comfort with content, lab work, developing critical thinking skills, and knowledge of the College Board expectations of student performance. Teachers will know where to look or to whom they can and should reach out if they need additional help with any of the above.
Course Content/Outline:
(Note: this is a tentative schedule; time and topics will be adjusted to address the needs of participants.)
• Logistics
• Introductions
•  College Board information
•  Course & exam description
•  AP Exam basics
•  Content work
•  Specific Content Interactive Lecture (based on participant needs)
•  Lab Expectations
•  Inquiry Lab work
•  Specific Content Interactive Lecture (based on participant needs)
•  AP Exam Work
•   Additional Lab Work
•   Unit Design Work
•  Continued AP Exam Work
•  College Board Resources
•  Other Online Resources
•  Sharing/Presentations
•  Wrap Up
Course Expectations:
•  Participants will do their best to be timely, engaged, and collaborative.
•  If possible, participants should bring a scientific calculator and laptop or iPad to each day of the institute. A straight edge will also be useful.
•  Participants should come to the institute prepared to take notes (paper/journal and writing implements should be brought, not all work can be easily done on a laptop)
Course Requirements: 
Participants will be actively engaged in all aspects of the Institute including:
•  Content Discussions
•  Lab Exercises
•  Curriculum Development Work
•   Evaluation Process

Physics C presenter for 2023 TBD