Fees/Registration/Payment (Online)

PLEASE carefully read the Fee Options section before registering. 
Scroll down for Fee Options, How to Register, and Payment Information
Note: Registration and Payment are separate, but both essential, processes:. Register first and then make payment. We have no way to credit a payment without a registration on file. 

When registering, please note the following:

The registration form should be completed by the participant, NOT by school personnel (administrative or clerical). In the past, this has been a primary source of errors in registrant data.

When registering, please provide the information requested. For example, if a home phone number is requested, do not provide a school number (if we need to get ahold of you outside of school, we will be unable to). Providing a school address rather than a home address can result in your not receiving materials shipped to you.

Please do not provide a school email address as your primary email unless you have no other option. School emails often have difficult to penetrate firewalls or are out of service in the summer. Most of our major communication problems occur when trying to contact participants via a school email. If you have one, personal email please!

Note: credit card information is collected on a Google Form. Some participants have expressed concerns about the security of submitting credit card numbers this way. The Google Form is a secure form (the prefix to the URL is “https” with the “s” standing for “secure”– non-secure websites usually have only an “http” prefix). The information submitted can only be accessed outside of Google servers, through a secure web spreadsheet, by the registered owner of the form (i.e., AP Seminars). We have been using this system for over five years now and have not had a single security incident with a credit card.
Of course, it is always possible that electronically transmitted data can somehow be hacked. We cannot guarantee that your information is 100% safe but are quite confident in the security of the system. If, in spite of these assurances, you are still concerned about the security of your credit card information when transmitted via a Google Form, you can use PayPal or contact Duane at Duane@APSeminars.com to discuss other options of getting your credit card information to AP Seminars.
How to Register for 2021 Online APSI
(Remember: Step 1: fill out the registration form (link below); Step 2: pay fees (information below)
(! Note that you must have an Educator Professional Login (EPL) in order to register. If you need an account, visit the  College Board Sign-in Page to sign up.  For further information, call (703) 297-3963. )
• To register for Computer Science Principles (July 19-22, 2021), click on Week 1 Registration Website (registration begins on January 1). This site will open in a new tab or page.  Please note that the Register button is at the bottom of the summary page. Be sure to click "FINISH" at the end of the registration form or your form will not be submitted.
 To register for all subjects except CSP (July 26-30, 2021), click on Week 2 Registration Website (registration begins on January 1). This site will open in a new tab or page. Please note that the Register button is at the bottom of the summary page.  Be sure to click "FINISH" at the end of the form or your form will not be submitted.
  Registration officially begins on January 1, 2021 and closes on July 16 for Week 1 and July 23  for Week 2.  Registrations will be confirmed by e-mail (see note in box above about emails addresses sent from the College Board registration system (Cvent).  If you think you have completed the registration form and have not received a confirmation after a while (did you cllick "FInish" at the end of the registration form?), do NOT assume that you are registered. Contact Duane@apseminars.com so that we can figure out what has happened to your registration. 
Any questions about registration (not related to the EPL)? 
Please contact Duane at 650-964-3082 or Duane@apseminars.com

Fee Options

Tuition/Registration (required) for 2021 online APSI

• There are two registration periods, defined in terms of when payment is received, not the date of registration.  The registration fee for these periods are as follows:

Early-bird Registration:   $595.00       (registration fees paid on/before  May 31, 2021)
• Regular Registration:        $650.00       (paid on/after May 31, 2021) 
• Lab Fee  (Art & Design, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science): $30.00
College Board Scholarship recipients tuition only (including lab fees) will be paid directly to us by the College Board.  If you are a College Board Scholarship recipient and have completed the registration form, please send an e-mail to Duane@apseminars.com so that we can properly credit your registration.  Do indicate which type of scholarship you have received (AP Fellows, AP Rural Fellows, or AP Capstone). 
For more information:  CB APSI Grants.  
Other Fees 
College Credit (optional). Two semester units of graduate credit will be available from the University of San Diego for $150. Information on obtaining credit will be available by July 1, 2021. Payment is made direct to University of San Diego. Applying for credit must be completed by August 6, 2021.
• Expedited shipping to USA addresses(optional). 
Domestic participants who register within one week of the start of the institute will not receive their College Board materials until after the workshop has completed. The subject presenter will be able to ensure that the participants has electronic access to all needed materials.
Domestic participants who register less than two weeks in advance (but more than one week) can choose to have expedited shipping ($15.00) in order to receive materials prior to the start. If the participant declines this option, materials will arrive approximately two full weeks after registration is finalized.
Shipping to non-USA addresses (optional) For participants residing outside of the United States, an electronic copy of the College Board APSI materials will be included with registration. There is also an option to receive a hard copy of the materials. Shipping to foreign countries is expensive. Accordingly, there is a $100 fee for shipping hard copies of CB materials to non-USA addresses (electronic copies are included).. Depending on location, shipping time is usually about one week (with quite a bit of variability). Non-USA participants registering and paying less than one month in advance of the start of the workshop may not receive their hard-copy College Board materials by the start of the workshop.
  Payment Information 
( Be sure to complete the registration form (details above) before proceeding)

Please read the following  before proceeding to the How to  Pay section below.

All fees must be paid prior to the start of the institute to complete registration (registration in a class is not guaranteed until fees are paid). 

• Payment can be made by check, credit card, or PayPal,. 

• Beginning June 26, 2021, all new registrations must be paid by credit card or PayPal

• Registrations unpaid as of July 1, 2021 are subject to cancellation. 

We do not accept Purchase Orders

Cancellation Policy. There is a $50.00 cancellation fee for registrations cancelled before June 21 (Week 1) or June 28 (Week 2). There is a  $100 cancellation fee for registrations cancelled on/after June 21 (Week 1) or June 28 (Week 2)..  There are no refunds after July 15 (Week 1) or July 22 (Week2).    Please see FAQs #12 and #14 for more information about cancellations and refunds.

 How to Pay

• Check.  Send check, made out to AP Seminars Silicon Valley, along with a copy of the  downloadble  Invoice/Transmittal Form  (below). 



to:       AP Seminars Silicon Valley
             2625 Swanson Way
             Mountain View, CA 94040

Credit Card. (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). Click on Pay by Credit Card to be directed to the credit card payment form.  This will open in a new tab or window.  Submitting this form does not immediately charge your credit card.  That will be done, and confirmed, once the information is received by AP Seminars. Please contact Duane@apseminars.com if you have not received confirmation within a couple of days.









PayPal. Click on PayPal  which will open the PayPal page in a new tab or window.  

Any questions concerning payment? Contact  Duane@apseminars.com.